About Another Victory Publishing

Another Victory, founded in 1997 as the sister publishing company to Victory Records, is a cutting edge, dynamic, risk taking, independent music publishing business. Having been the home to Victory artists since inception we are now expanding to artists and songwriters not on the Victory roster. Our goal is to get your music exposed and to be a value adding member of the team that assists in the advancement, enhancement and growth of your career. We are continually committed to the development of our songwriters, the ever changing needs of our clients along with building our diverse and ever growing catalog of music.

From start to finish, Another Victory handles every detail for our songwriters in order to earn them maximum exposure, income and opportunity for their songs.


  • Provide recoupable monetary advances when appropriate to assist your needs


  • World-wide Mechanical Royalty collection
  • World-wide Performance Royalty collection
  • Foreign income
  • Licensing/Synchronization income
  • Miscellaneous income (i.e. retail environmental music)
  • Royalty statement analysis


  • Provide feedback to songwriters on their work
  • Advice on demos, recording studios and producers
  • Internationally promoting our songwriters and their music to fellow performers, broadcasters, record companies and others who use music on a commercial basis
  • Career guidance and tour support


  • Initiate a diverse marketing mix to maximize exposure through blogs, magazines, social networks industry newsletters and other applicable media


  • We have long-standing relationships with the top advertising executives, broadcast producers, creative and film directors, game developers, post coordinators, music editors and supervisors around the world. Our dedicated music licensing staff aims to generate income from music placement opportunities in advertising, corporate videos, film, online, TV, video games and anywhere else music is needed. This income can help both established and developing artists gain creative footing to achieve their short and long-term goals
  • Music Placement Samplers (digital and physical) sent out to our extensive database of international music licensing contacts
  • Responding to new licensing opportunities that flow from technological developments
  • Matching songwriters with brands to create custom compositions


  • World-wide registration with Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, PRS, etc.)

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