Close Your Eyes

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Hardcore influenced anthems with a unique pop/punk undertone. As heard as the theme song for TNA/Impact Wrestlings Turning Point PPV, MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, EA Sports NHL 15 video game, "Higher Than My Station" in the MGM hit feature film Max, and the Ubisoft video game Far Cry 5. Don't miss out on their sprawling album, Line in the Sand!

Selected Songs

Close Your Eyes

  • Bobby VaLeu - Guitar
  • Jordan Hatfield - Drums
  • Alex Whitten - Bass
  • Brett Callaway - Guitar/Vocals
  • Shane Raymond - Vocals


VR708 - Prepackaged Hope
VR698 - Line In The Sand
VR649 - Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts
VR563 - We Will Overcome

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