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Showing his master studio skills and split creative personalities in projects, Vein Collector, Dielectrix, and Missing In Stars, Dan certainly lets his rainbow of musical influences run wild. Vein Collector lays the electronic Industrial groundwork with the best of intelligent synths, smashing grooves, and punishing guitar work. Vein Collector is determined to create a more sinister take on his ol’ skool influences of: Sisters Of Mercy, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, etc. Dielectrix is a spiritual and heavy project with Dan's friend Peter Manzella as vocalist. On the flip side, Dan explores his New Wave brain by conjuring London’s hedonistic ‘80’s club culture with his pop personality at the forefront in Missing In Stars.

His hometown of Lake Geneva, WI. must be reaching for the aspirin, but Dan’s musical exploration has no bounds, barriers or rules. 

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Dan Guenther


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