Darkest Hour

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American Thrash Metal. Meticulous rhythms intertwined with raging vocals make for a ferocious mix. For fans of Slayer, Metallica, and At the Gates.

Featured in the Oscar nominated film for Best Picture, The Big Short + Jam Play, and Fender Play. 

Selected Songs

Darkest Hour

  • Ryan Parrish - Drums
  • John Henry - Vocals
  • Paul Burnette - Bass
  • Michael LoneStar Carrigan - Guitar
  • Mike Schleibaum - Guitar


VR495 - The Eternal Return
VR347 - Deliver Us
VR290 - So Sedated, So Secure - Deluxe Edition
VR244 - Undoing Ruin
VR252 - Party Scars & Prison Bars - A thrashography
VR154 - So Sedated, So Secure
VR232 - Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation - Re-Issue

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