Jungle Rot

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Pure, thrash-inspired, old school death metal guaranteed to cause a serious case of whiplash. Jaded death metal purists looking for fresh kills need to add Jungle Rot to their must listen list with sounds similar to; SLAYER, HATEBREED, OBITUARY, etc.

Jungle Rot's latest album Jungle Rot include songs like "A Burning Cinder" and "Send Forth Oblivion".

Featured Comedy Central's Workaholics, indie films: The Yellow Birds, Donnybrook, documentary film Roll Red Roll, and the upcoming Disney+ movie Timmy Failure.

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Jungle Rot

  • Spencer Sphyers - Drums
  • Geoff Bub - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
  • James Genenz - Bass / Backing Vocals
  • Dave Matrise - Vocals / Guitar


VR759 - Jungle Rot
VR761 - What Horrors Await
VR728 - Order Shall Prevail
VR690 - Skin The Living (Re-Issue)
VR678 - Terror Regime
VR644 - Kill On Command

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