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Singer, songwriter, renegade Otep Shamaya describes the band’s music as …”a total and complete mutiny on the senses. We are a fusion band by nature, inspired by many styles and tones from a variety of musical genres- rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, spoken word, jazz and classic rock. We never allow the antiquated limits of a genre confine or restrict us. Our music is universal and does not belong nor can it be contained in a nice, neat, little box.”

As heard on: True Blood (HBO), Sons of Tuscon, Killjoys (SyFy), Blood Drive (SyFy), Ubisoft video game Far Cry 5, Take Two (ABC).  

Selected Songs


  • Otep Shamaya - Front woman


VR683 - Hydra
VR682 - Sounds Like Armageddon - LIVE
VR638 - ATAVIST (Deluxe Edition) CD & DVD
VR548 - Smash The Control Machine Singles - LIMITED EDITION 7
VR542 - Smash The Control Machine (DELUXE CD/DVD)
VR529 - Smash The Control Machine

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