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Dubbed the "Godfather of Rockabilly", the Rev is ready to pull out all the stops and take us all back to church. Hallelujah! By day, Jim Heath is a mild-mannered musical historian well-versed in the birthing days of rock and roll. But when the sun goes down, he straps on his signature Gretsch 6120, steps up to the mike and is transformed into Reverend Horton Heat, a hellfire-spewing, rock and roll dare-demon.

Don't miss out on Reverend Horton Heat's latest album Whole New Life including songs like "Hog Tyin' Woman" and "Perfect".

Features include NFL Network's Top 100 Players, A Football Life: Ken Stabler, MTV's Ridiculousness, Netflix original movie Tallulah, Ubisoft video games STEEP (DLC) + Far Cry 5 + Trials Rising, documentary Millions Per Hour, Terrance House: Aloha State (Netflix Japan), Midnight, Texas (NBC), "Let Me Teach You How To Eat" was featured in a national Subway ad campaign, and TV series Dudley.

Selected Songs

Reverend Horton Heat

  • RJ Contreras - Drums
  • Jim Heath - Vocals / Guitar
  • Jimbo Wallace - Upright Bass


VR751 - Whole New Life
VR733 - Hardscrabble Woman/Lying To Myself
VR719 - It's A Rave Up!/Beer Write This Song
VR692 - REV

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