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Operating under the mantra, 'Art, community, and aggressive non-conformity above all else', Seeker delivers one of the most brutally artistic albums of the decade; Loss. The album was released in October 2016 and included songs like "Submit" and "Void". Seeker themselved explains it as follows; “This is a new life for Seeker, and I feel like this album is a massive step forward for us as players and songwriters. Anyone expecting something like Unloved or our other past work will be severely disappointed. We finally let ourselves really go for it and try everything we’d ever wanted to do musically.”

Seeker has been featured in the movie Donnybrook and Unfriended: Dark Web

Selected Songs


  • Alex Curry - Drums
  • Andy Torres - Guitar
  • Bryce Lucien - Vocals/Bass


VR741 - Loss
VR699 - Unloved

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