The Bunny The Bear

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Recognized by Alternative Press as “one of the most unique – and uniquely unsettling – acts on the modern heavy music scene,” THE BUNNY THE BEAR ushers in a new era with their most accessible release yet, A Liar Wrote This. Never ones to remain stagnant, THE BUNNY THE BEAR has introduced a female-fronted version of THE BEAR which will undoubtedly breathe fresh life into the continuously evolving project. As heard on "Todd and The Book of Pure Evil" (SpaceNet), The Weather Channel & MTVs "I Used To Be Fat".

Selected Songs

The Bunny The Bear

  • Haley Roback - The Bear (Vocals)
  • Matthew Tybor - The Bunny (Vocals)


VR729 - A Liar Wrote This
VR710 - Acoustic EP
VR706 - Food Chain
VR686 - Stories
VR672 - The Stomach For It
VR636 - If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

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