The Tossers

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A deeply rooted Chicago institution, these Irish folk-punk hooligans bring an arsenal of raucous anthems. The Tossers create an exciting brand of Celtic rock that anyone of any age can fall in love with.

New album Smash The Windows is an anthemic and sometimes rollicking, rowdy journey through Irish American culture coupled with melancholy overtures inspired by devotion and pride. It is truly an album and piece of work that fits America’s current socio-economic state of affairs and will strike a chord with many lovers of genres ranging from country, punk, rock and traditional Irish folk.

As heard in the French film Love Is Dead , Camarena Tequila online ad spot, and Golf on FOX Sports (US OPEN).

Selected Songs

The Tossers

  • Mike Pawula - Guitar
  • Emily Ruth Constantinou - Violin
  • Bones - Drums
  • Peter Muschong - Bass
  • Aaron Duggins - Tin Whistle
  • Tony Duggins - Voice/Mandolin


VR773 - Merry Christmas
VR746 - Smash The Windows
VR691 - The Emerald City
VR441 - On A Fine Spring Evening
VR436 - Gloatin And Showboatin - Live On St. Patricks Day CD-DVD
VR344 - Agony
VR279 - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

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