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Another Victory Welcomes - JESS WEIMER!


Hailing from Los Angeles by way of Wichita, Kansas, this emerging singer/songwriter doesn’t mind showing off her soulful vocal prowess, alt-rock leaning swagger, and knack for audience exuberance. Jess stands firmly with a range of talented artists such as: Alabama Shakes, Meghan Trainor, Joss Stone, Bishop Briggs, and Sza Slip. 

Check out her new single "Won't Follow You Down". All songs one-stop clearance. 

Born To Be Wild!

10/09/2018 "The West" by Deadborns will be featured in tonight's ep #6 of Mayans MC on F/X @ 10/9c. 

AV Rising!

10/08/2018 "Reconnect" and "Arms Of The Enemy" by Destrophy + "Hollow Chains" by Shattered Sun will be featured in the upcoming Ubisoft video game Trials Rising. Out February 2019. 

My Motorcycle And A Switchblade Knife

10/02/2018 "Ruins" by Deadborns will be featured in tonight's ep #5 of Mayans MC on F/X @ 10/9c. 

Party On! Excellent!

09/26/2018 "Short Of The Shore" by Moros Eros will be featured in episode #6 of the upcoming YouTube Premium series Wayne

Let's Get Reality, People!

09/25/2018 "Anyone" by Colours is featured in episode #33 of the Japanese Netflix reality TV series, Terrace House: Opening New Doors. Out NOW!

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