"The Stages of Grief" by Awaken I Am is featured in Terrace House: Tokyo Part 3 Episode 29 "About Love".

Terrace House: Tokyo is the fifth installment of the Japanese reality show Terrace House. The show follows the lives of six strangers, three men and three women from different walks of life, who live under the same roof while getting to know and date each other.

"The Stages of Grief" is the the fifth track of the album The Beauty in Tragedy by Australian alt-rock outfit Awaken I Am. The album was inspired by the sudden pass of the band's 24 year old guitarist Connor, show life was cut short due to a reckless driver.

Drummer Luke said; "During the writing, recording and the lead up process to completing these songs, it forced us to face grief and loss everyday as we worked through it. The release of this EP is our chance to give ourselves and fans something to always remember Connor by while giving us closure to move on to a new chapter as a band.".

Terrace House: Tokyo airs on Tuesdays on Netflix Japan and Fuji TV.

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