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Another Victory Welcomes - ZEKE!


Another Victory proudly welcomes ZEKE! Zeke’s rhythmic background as an in-demand bassist further shaped his gift for fusing catchy, hook-driven melodies with raw Hip-Hop beats and emotion. His Indiana-bread Trap/Hip-Pop spreads the message of life and love in his community. 

All songs sample free and one-stop clearance. 

Hear Zeke.

Hello Tokyo!

06/17/2019 "Her Love Stops Atom Bombs" by Sonic Graffiti will be featured on episode #5 of Terrace House: Tokyo on Netflix Japan. Released date 6/18.

Another Victory Welcomes - JESSE SEXTON!


Another Victory is excited to announce the signing of lead singer and principle songwriter, Jesse Sexton, of the emerging modern alt-rock trio, Jude, to our ever-growing roster. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Jesse is making his own mark through thought provoking, introspective songwriting that gives his listeners a powerful sense of hope, happiness, and deep-rooted connection. 

Listen to their debut EP The Heart and new stand-alone singles, “Sailor” and "Wake Up". More new music coming this year! All songs one-stop clearance.

You've Been Saved

06/02/2019 "Never Let You Go" by Paper Lights will be featured in the upcoming movie Save Me

BF Goodrich

06/01/2019 "Bitching About Nothing Blues" by Deadborns was recently featured in an Australian social media campaign. 

Chicago Style Drama!

05/12/2019 "God Bless You" by The Tossers will be featured in episode six of the upcoming CBS TV series The Red Line. Air date, May 12th @ 9/8c.

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